Ming's Recycling

How does recycling go from waste product to new material?

It takes a lot to go from kitchen wastebasket to brand-new recycled products. Ming's Recycling is one of the many important components of the recycling supply chain. Ming's sorts and proccesses a variety of recyclables that can be converted into new packaging and products.

See Materials we Buy and Sell

Non-fiber (plastic products)

#1 PET (post consumer bottles, post industrial bottles, clean flakes, regrind, purge, preforms, films)
#2 HDPE (post consumer bottles, injection grade, films, industrial scraps)
#3 PVC (trays, films, and industrial scraps)
#4 LDPE (stretch film, color bags, bottles)
#5 PP (trays, caps, bags)
#6 PS (MIPS, HIPS, CD cases, films)
#7 Other (PC, PC/ABS, acrylic, mixed rigid plastic)

Fiber (paper products)

#3 SMP (super mixed paper)
#6/#8 ONP (old newspaper)
#11 OCC (old corrugated cardboard)
#12 Commercial Grade OCC (Old Corrugated Cardboard)
#37 OP (office pack)
Other (high grade paper products)

Non-ferrous metal


Ferrous metal

Tin cans

Beverage containers (CRV)